Youth Assembly

October 22, 2023 – Suwon, South Korea

Urbanization, Housing and the Youth of Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific region is home to more than 2 billion people under the age of 30, making up 54% of the world’s youth population. Meanwhile, urbanization continues to be a defining megatrend in the region, largely affecting the youth sector. As a crucial population group contributing to and benefiting from urbanization, the youth must be actively engaged in developing sustainable solutions in urban areas.

Asia-Pacific Youth Assembly

The 2023 Asia-Pacific Youth Assembly (PDF), organized by Habitat for Humanity in cooperation with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, aims to bring together young people to:

  1. learn from experts on urbanization including housing,
  2. craft concrete local projects on sustainable urban communities and housing, and
  3. network among fellow youth from across the region.

Who should join?

It serves as a side event of the Ninth Asia-Pacific Housing Forum and one of the five assemblies of the Eighth Asia-Pacific Urban Forum, providing vast networking opportunities and significant platform for urban and housing discussions and solutions.

  • Youth leaders in Asia-Pacific, 18-30 years old, who are interested to learn about urbanization and to champion solutions for affordable, adequate housing
  • Young individuals with a project idea addressing a housing need in their local urban community
  • Youth organizations that want to extend, replicate or scale up initiatives that further sustainable community solutions for urban areas

For more information, visit the Asia-Pacific Urban Forum 8 website.

Youth Solutions Micro-Grant 2023

Young people are uniquely placed to become effective agents of change within their communities. Recognizing this potential, the Youth Solutions Micro-Grant will support the youth to start, replicate, or scale up their solutions to housing and urban challenges in the Asia-Pacific region.