9th Asia-Pacific Housing Forum

Enabling sustainable and affordable housing in informal settlements

October 26-27, 2023 | Suwon, South Korea

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Enabling sustainable and affordable housing in informal settlements

For more than a decade, the Asia-Pacific Housing Forum has gathered under one roof major stakeholders engaged in seeking solutions to affordable housing issues and promote decent housing as a driver of economic growth.

Since the inaugural conference in 2007, over 12,000 participants have not only shared common ground but also presented diverse views through insightful plenaries and engaging tracks. 

Why attend

The Asia-Pacific Housing Forum is a sector convener to enhance cooperation among relevant stakeholders within the region and move forward innovative and inclusive affordable housing solutions for slums and informal settlements, in response to the growing inequities in the region.

The Housing Forum features successful, evidence-based interventions in the region related to resilient cities and communities, innovative housing solutions and technologies, financing and advancing sustainability in the affordable housing sector.

Cross-learning and cooperation

For the first time, the Asia-Pacific Housing Forum will take place alongside the eight Asia-Pacific Urban
Forum (APUF) organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the
Pacific (ESCAP).

This will allow the two organizations to share technical expertise, contribute to the development of a
robust agenda and side events, and deliver synergies in engaging delegates, speakers, and other

Forum tracks

The need for adequate housing solutions in the Asia-Pacific region is immense, and further complicated
by rapid urbanization, rising inequalities and aging populations.

Track 1

Adequate housing in informal settlements

Adequate Housing for Informal Settlements

Tapping into the value of informal settlements

Policy solutions for urban informal settlements

Track 2

climate change and affordable housing

Climate Change and Affordable Housing

Affordable green technologies for low-income households

Climate change adaptation for low-income housing and informal settlements

Track 3

Financing and affordable housing

Financing and Affordable Housing 

Trends and opportunities in the housing microfinance space in the Asia-Pacific region

Use of financial technology solutions to expand access to affordable housing

Track 4

Addressing the rising challenges in housing

Addressing the Rising Challenges in Housing 

Leaving no one behind in the digital era

Influencing reduction in housing deficit through policy and system change

Revisit the highlights of the 8th Asia-Pacific Housing Forum in 2021

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The Asia-Pacific Housing Forum is part of a Global Housing Forum series organized by Habitat for Humanity in collaboration with sector organizations and institutions.

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