About the Asia-Pacific Housing Forum

The Asia-Pacific Housing Forum is part of a global series of housing forums organized by Habitat for Humanity in collaboration with partner organizations in different regions of the world.

It convenes the Asia-Pacific region’s changemakers in the housing sector who strive for accessible, affordable, and adequate housing for all. Now in its ninth run, the AP Housing Forum continues to be a key platform to tackle pressing shelter challenges and promising solutions.

This year’s Asia-Pacific Housing Forum will take place in Suwon, South Korea from October 26 to 27.

Promoting Sustainable & Affordable Housing

There is an increasing demand for cities and communities that can cater to basic social needs of families from all walks of life.

The theme for this year’s AP Housing Forum is “Enabling sustainable and affordable housing in informal settlements” as we recognize and work on the untapped potential of informal settlements.

Find out about the Asia-Pacific Housing Forum’s Steering Committee here.

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Asia pacific housing forum


The Asia-Pacific Housing Forum welcomes the participation of changemakers, practitioners, policymakers, and actors engaged in the provision of safe and sustainable housing solutions within the region.

Participants can include:  influential business leaders, policy-makers, academics, urban planners, architects, property developers, key representatives from international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, donor agencies, social enterprises, housing finance organizations, technology companies, youth organizations, researchers, advocates and others, from across the AP region.


The AP Housing Forum provides space for productive discourse among participants by focusing on core topics.

Track 1

APHF9 - Track 1 Adequate Housing for Informal Settlements

Adequate Housing for Informal Settlements

Explores policy solutions for urban informal settlements and taps into their value

Track 2

APHF9 - Track 2 Climate Change and Affordable Housing

Climate Change and Affordable Housing

Delves into affordable green technologies and climate change adaptation approaches for low-income households and informal settlements

Track 3

APHF9 - Track 3 Financing and Affordable Housing

Financing and Affordable Housing 

Looks into the trends and opportunities in housing microfinance in the Asia-Pacific region, and the use of financial technology solutions to expand access to affordable housing

Track 4

APHF9 - Track 4 Addressing the Rising Challenges in Housing

Addressing the Rising Challenges in Housing 

Housing solutions in the digital era should leave no one behind, while decreasing the housing deficit  through policy and system change

Expected Outcomes


Critical conversations concerning housing will be made to push for change.


Innovative solutions and policies will be recognized to encourage replication.


Participants are able to forge meaningful collaborations that can drive impact within the AP region.

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The Asia-Pacific Housing Forum is part of a Global Housing Forum series organized by Habitat for Humanity in collaboration with sector organizations and institutions.