Trends and Opportunities in Housing Microfinance Space in Asia-Pacific

Track 3: Financing and Affordable Housing

In many emerging markets, housing is a process where households build incrementally as finances allow. Families often lack the proof of income and credit history necessary to secure a traditional mortgage.

Without proper title documents for their land or existing home, many are ineligible for affordable mortgage solutions. As a result, it can take up to 30 years for some families to complete their home.

This session will discuss the role of housing microfinance in meeting the housing needs of low-income households. The session will also cite case studies, best practices, and opportunities and challenges in the housing microfinance industry. Key focus areas could be:

  • Role of capital markets is development of pro-poor mortgage and microfinance ecosystems
  • Case Studies from HFH interventions and technical support for development of people centered housing microfinance products
Financing and Affordable Housing