Leaving No One Behind in the Digital Era

Track 4: Addressing the Rising Challenges in Housing

Digitalization—the use of automated digital technologies to collect, process, analyze, distribute, use, and sell information—is spurring fundamental change in the way housing is produced, marketed, sold, financed, managed, and lived in.

The session will cover the risk of potentially exacerbating the inequity in the housing ecosystem brought about by rapid urbanization and digitization.

The widening digital divide where poor and low-income homes and communities have little to no access to digital solutions might accelerate and deepen if not addressed immediately in the context of rapid urbanization and digitalization in Asia-Pacific. Some focal points for panel discussion could be:

  • Impact of digitization on residential real estate market
  • How to manage digital inequity among poor and low-income households?  Is digitization changing investments in housing?
Addressing the Rising Challenges in Housing